Am I being throttled?? FIND OUT  Learn how to STOP ISP throttling

Am I being throttled?? FIND OUT Learn how to STOP ISP throttling

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Guys, have you been experiencing extremely slow and laggy internet for no good reason? That can actually be a sign of ISP throttling you… Especially if you are using demanding services like streaming platforms or torrenting. Buuut… I know a way to stop it!

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00:00 Intro
00:35 What is throttling?
00:40 When can I be throttled?
1:00 Why ISP is throttling internet speed?
1:20 How to know if I am being throttled?
2:25 How to do a VPN ISP throttling test?
3:05 How can a VPN help with throttling?
3:25 Can ISP throttle VPN traffic?

There are few very easy ways to find out if ISP is throttling you and the easiest way to do so is by using VPN. In fact, VPN will also help you bypass the throttling by changing your effective IP address and preventing your ISP from recognizing that it is you who are using all that bandwidth. No need to stop torrenting or watching streams if you have a VPN, guys.

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