Are VoIP Phone Systems Only As Reliable As Your Internet Connection? [Telecom Myth 3]

Are VoIP Phone Systems Only As Reliable As Your Internet Connection? [Telecom Myth 3]

If your location’s internet connection drop out, does that mean you VoIP phone system is dead in the water? It’s a good question and one we answer in this video.

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Video Transcript:
Hi, there! I’m Telecom Tim from JD Young. In today’s episode, we’re going to bust another telecom myth.

Myth number three: Cloud-based voice-over-IP phone systems can crash as easy as an internet connection, leaving you stranded and not able to access your phone system for calls and messages.

Truth: This is definitely not the case! Cloud-based phone systems make accessing your messages or making calls as easy as logging on to the internet — and from anywhere. So, as long as your mobile device as service, so does your cloud-based phone system.

There you have it — another myth BUSTED. Stay tuned as we bust more telecom myths in coming episodes. You can also learn more at Tell ‘em Telecom Tim sent ya!

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