Bhaskar Gorti, Platform9  | Cloud Native at Scale

Bhaskar Gorti, Platform9 | Cloud Native at Scale

Enabling the supercloud experience for customer success

More than a trend, the digital transformation has fundamentally changed the way companies operate. Even as the United States GDP has declined, technology spending has increased and continues to rise. Staying up to speed with the irreversible shift and swift pace of innovation means that “every company will need a supercloud,” according to theCUBE host John Furrier.

Platform9 Systems Inc.’s CEO, Bhaskar Gorti, joins Furrier for a timely conversation about post-pandemic industry trends, cloud services, strategies and pitfalls. Gorti’s unique expertise stems from his work with Platform9, which provides a software platform for cloud acceleration as a service. You’ll learn why going cloud-native is much more than “lift and shift” of decades-old applications to a new data center. They also discuss the biggest blocking factor to going cloud-native and how cloud service providers are enabling successful supercloud experiences for customers.

Unlike multicloud, which refers to the management of various clouds that are disconnected, supercloud describes a holistic cloud that is integrated across on-prem, public, edge, store, branch locations and other sites with a single platform. Without the ease of use that a supercloud provides, companies risk delayed decision-making, increased security breaches, slow data recovery, and the stunted business growth all of these challenges exacerbate.

But, what does it take to make the digital transformation and become cloud-native with supercloud functionality? The first step to digital transformation is not the easiest, but the most essential: going cloud-native.