Customer Benefits from a Network Security Risk Assessment

Customer Benefits from a Network Security Risk Assessment

Cyber Security Attacks Growing More Sophisticated

Attackers are growing more and more sophisticated. Businesses that don’t protect their customers’ data are at a high risk of losing their customer base and revenue. Small and medium businesses are already aware of this problem but the challenge they face is that they do not have enough IT Security talent in house to be able to apply a truly sophisticated enough Information Security system and maintain it on an ongoing basis.

One could buy and install security products in an IT environment and that helps to some extent. But to truly protect your valuable data, you need a team of Security professionals who have the skills and ability to implement security systems correctly, to maintain the security systems, and to fine tune them as per your organization’s needs. Building a dedicated team internally is cost prohibitive for most SMBs.

This is why small and medium businesses outsource the infrastructure security management to trusted Security providers like Beyond Impact. We have certified and tenured Security engineers with experience in protecting hundreds of organizations IT Networks in US, Canada, Australia, and other countries. And all this can be very cost effective.

For the past two years, Beyond Impact has been providing network security managed services for a local client. But the first step was a risk assessment and mitigation report of their current network infrastructure. The report identified eleven security risks ranging from Low to High severity. Included was a remediation plan outlining the steps required, the time to mitigate, and resources assigned to make it happen.

You don’t need to make a huge monetary commitment up front to explore the possibility of outsourcing. We take a phased approach. Beyond Impact has a quick-start risk assessment and mitigation service that will provide high impact with low commitment. Optionally, the customer can then move forward with a managed service that includes monitoring, incident response, and those pesky remediation projects.
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