Episode 30- The real reason Raptor got sick…

Episode 30- The real reason Raptor got sick…

On today’s episode of the podcast, the boys come together to give updates on the state of the podcast for 2023, discuss some nostalgic gamer moments, some goofy streamers and their shenanigans, and more!!!

Timestamps for topics:
00:00 Intro & 2023 updates for Rogue AI
19:54 Talking about the LampSeason rebrand
23:00 Dark and Darker playtest experiences + Wizards of the Coast D&D licensing update
27:45 Phasmophobia is AWESOME in 2023
38:39 Tarkov patch 0.13
42:40 Resident Evil 4 remake news
49:23 Some good old video game nostalgia tripping & emulation discussion
57:17 Software piracy & jailbreaking hardware
1:00:57 Video game cheaters and stream snipers suck
1:12:04 Getting terrible contract offers from small esports orgs
1:13:54 Fortnite zero build gamer moments with the boys
1:16:54 WeFoundTheBody & how not to treat your Twitch viewers
1:21:08 Joe Tendo has been a goofy, goofy goober
1:33:08 Expanding on the WeFoundTheBody situation
1:37:06 Logan Paul is also a goofy goober
1:43:08 Briefly discussing KiwiFarms
1:47:04 What getting swatted is like
1:49:53 Prank calls and outro

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