GE Digital Industrial Managed Services:  Asset Performance Management Service Principles

GE Digital Industrial Managed Services: Asset Performance Management Service Principles

Let GE Digital show you how to drive a world class Asset Management program with the right experience, the right processes and the right tools.





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The 21st century is a world of data, of connectivity, where we all need to be digitally efficient, ready to produce the optimum quantity for the optimum price at the optimum speed – all with best in class quality and safety.

Asset Performance Management (APM) helps you drive that digital effectiveness. Reaching your goals is not instantaneous; it takes time: functions are often siloed, with “set & forget” approaches, causing surprise events that drive internal processes to be reactive.

APM is a work discipline leveraging experienced staff, equipment knowledge and structured processes to maximize productivity and return on investment. It focuses on business improvements by integrating data sets, by driving predictive workflows and by enabling proactive decisions.

At GE Digital, we continue to pioneer the Industrial Internet. We know how valuable yet how hard true digital transformation can be.

APM integrates the streams of data collected by operators, the data reviewed by analysts, and the data needed by managers.

GE Digital Services help implement this work discipline into actionable processes at every organizational level.

From pump bearing vibrations to predictive compressor assessments; from pipe thickness monitoring to regulatory compliance, APM enables holistic and targeted control of entire systems to better identify improvement opportunities as well as problems needing attention.

It’s not only about producing better results, it’s about producing smarter results; minimizing risk and operating costs while maximizing equipment life.

Our suite of APM services pairs with software to work with your ecosystem, to address your needs, and to achieve your objectives across your organization.

These modular digital solutions are organized into four sets: Health, Reliability, Strategy and Integrity.

Health modules offer an integrated view of all of your assets’ current state.

Reliability increases asset availability by helping you understand equipment trends and predictive estimates.

Our Strategy solutions optimizes the relationship between uptime and maintenance, while our Integrity modules monitor containment risks like corrosion and related regulatory compliance.

These solution sets and their components can be activated together or independently. Our solutions can be tuned to troubleshoot equipment failures, define trends, drive potential improvements. They can be flexibly targeted to optimize maintenance, to boost availability, to control risk, or to maximize the effectiveness of your plant.

Operational excellence starts with understanding your goals: they will be integrated into Asset Digital Twin Templates as a launch point, driving your maintenance and inspections workflows, and moving forward to collect data across your assets.

Our digital services include both automated analytics and staff monitoring; along with evaluating results to identify risks and opportunities according to the parameters you define.

Based on those results, we develop next step recommendations for risk mitigation, and propose improvements for maintenance, processes and workflows so you can make informed decisions that drive action.

Operational learnings will be continuously fed into your APM templates keeping your operations up to date, improving monthly, quarterly and annually to ensure your systems constantly stay at best practices levels, best suited to your objectives, and tuned to current business conditions.

Bridging implementation and training with ongoing processes, Industrial Managed Services from GE Digital helps you realize the full value from your capital and digital investments.

We help you drive a culture based on best practices and continuous improvement.

Our Services help you see clearly when it’s profitable to be running, when it’s safe to be in down, how to become pro-active in maximizing efficiency and how to leverage peak performance across multiple units.

Over time, APM services and solutions empower your organization by firmly embedding best practices for continuous improvement, turning data into information, information into strategies, strategies into actions.

With Industrial Internet Solutions from GE Digital, your systems are both reliable and ready for smarter outcomes.

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