Gigaset SL450HX DECT IP Phone (Review and Configuration)

Gigaset SL450HX DECT IP Phone (Review and Configuration)

Discover how to easily pair and configure the Gigaset SL450 DECT IP Phone with your router.
Part 1 – Gigaset SL450HX on Amazon
Part 2 – Unboxing (3:11min)
Part 3 – Configuration (6:17min)
Part 4 – Summary & Conclusion (14:13min)

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After watching this video you will have learned how to connect a Gigaset cordless DECT phone with your VoIP router.

The Gigaset range has different models and the designator HX lets you know that you can connect the handset to almost any router that supports the CAT-iq 2.0 standard.

In part two I show you a few closeup shots of this cordless DECT phone, and next in part three we will connect the phone to a VoIP router such as the popular Fritzbox or TP-Link.

I show you how easy it is to configure your VoIP capable phone inside the router itself, and as an example, I use the Telekom VDLS which includes three phone lines.

So, in theory, you could get several handsets and connect them to your router. For example one for the parents, one for the kids, and one dedicated line for work.

Essentially, it is amazing how easy it has become to configure your router with several handsets and phone lines.

Lastly, in part four I give a short summary of my experiences using the Gigaset SL450HX phone. Overall I think it is much easy to configure that business models from the Pro range.

So if you are new to VoIP I recommend to stick with the consumer products, because the business models tend to be much more difficult to configure.


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