Webinar | Cybersecurity: How to “Manage” Cybersecurity Managed Services

Webinar | Cybersecurity: How to “Manage” Cybersecurity Managed Services

It is estimated that there will be 3.5 million cybersecurity job openings in 2025 and, by some estimates, the global cybersecurity workforce needs to grow at 145 percent each year simply to keep pace with the demand for skilled talent. All of this while each day there is a headline grabbing news piece involving another cyber-attack resulting in the theft of digital information (e.g., sensitive and private personal data, intellectual property, trade secrets, financial information, classified and confidential materials) or the disruption of government and business functions).

To address this urgent issue, many private and government entities are looking to cybersecurity “managed services” to bridge the skills gap and to assist them with their cybersecurity postures. However, with all of the services and products currently offered in the market, what is best for you and your organization will vary depending on your unique circumstances and cyber-risks. What to do?

In our webinar, we will identify, differentiate, and discuss the varying managed services offered (e.g., MSSP, MDP, SIEM, vCISO, incident response, cloud security, etc.) and provide practical insights, guidance, and best practices for organizations as they look to managed service providers to assist them in designing and developing a robust cybersecurity and data privacy program to protect their business operations and their customers’ data.

Professor Kevin R. Powers, J.D.
Founder and Director
M.S. in Cybersecurity Policy & Governance Program
Boston College

Guest Speakers:

Jay Pasteris
GreenPages Technology Solutions

Jennifer McLarnon
Security Consulting Senior Manager
Accenture (former CIO, Boston College High School)